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I am Rick Azas, professional show artist and video producer based in Munich. With more than seven years of performing experience I have been part of projects for many exeptional companies, including Bogner, Google, BMW and many others. In addition to that I am specialized in video productions for companies like Mauiandsons, Eagle Creek and Softybag. I love my work and enjoy each new project as I get it.

Performer &


Make it Special

Book me for shows, events or shootings. Just send further details and I will send you an offer.

My Skills

Cyr Wheel, Acrobatics, Parcour, Freerunning,
Breakdance, Juggling, Diabolo, Trampoline


Video Producer

Image Videos & Advertisement

You want to present your brand in a special way? – I´m here to build your brand´s voice! I produce Imagevideos and video advertisements.
My Work

Image Video

I produce professional advertisment videos to help you build your Brands voice!


Upon your request I produce socialmedia content for your accounts ( Topic areas: Lifestyle, Travel, Sport, Fun)

Video Production


Get your own Brandvideo

If you are interested in getting your own Imagevideo to promote your brand, check out my production process. I am your contact person throughout the entire process.

1. Creative Concept

Give me information about your targetgroup and your brand´s goals. Next up we will create a video concept together.

2. Models & Team

Depending on concept and budget I will choose the right team of models and videographers out of my network to satisfy your personal ideas and wishes.

3. Organization

The whole project will be realized by myself. That means you will have one direct contact partner for all issues throughout the entire process. All from one source.

4. Realization

After everything is confirmed, my team and I will start to shoot a unique and outstanding video for your brand.

5. Editing

Depending on the scope of the project, the editing process will last maximum up to 14 days after the last shooting day.

6. Final Product

After the video is finished, I will send you a sample version via “Wetransfer”, so you can check the material before uploading the final version.

Recent Work

Take a look at some of my resent video projects!

  • Fashion Lifestyle Mauiandsons

  • Watersport Equipment Mauiandsons

  • Standup Paddle Mauiandsons

  • Miiego Imagevideo

    Brand Video, Imagevideo, Sportmodel

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